How To Strengthen Your Impromptu Speeches With The Rule Of Three

The power of three in public speaking is one of the most undeniable truths of all time. Look at the politicians, TV anchors, or at any successful keynote speakers. All of them use the magic number THREE in their speeches, whether it is to restate the important phrase, to emphasize the word, or to support an argument. They use the rule of three here, there, and everywhere. As well as many good toastmasters do, when they give their prepared speeches. But more experienced toastmasters like Vera Opac from the Prague Club go even further and apply the rule of three to the impromptu speeches.
A couple of weeks ago at the Speech Writing Workshop in Nurnberg Vera revealed her secret how the rule of three helped her to become good at improvisation. She says that no matter what topic we get for our impromptu speech, there is always an object that will matchup with that topic. And each object hast at least three very interesting characteristics. So, why not to use them as the key points for the s…

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